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Chair Covers and Sashes:

Chair covers are a must when dressing a venue. They usually match or contrast the table linen and come with a coloured sash that complements the colours of your theme. The most popular colours are white and ivory chaircovers as they tend to keep that neutral look but why not be different and choose a coloured chaircover. We have a range of different colours that we can get for you.

Here at Venues by Style we dont believe in just putting a chair cover on a chair and saying that will do. That is why we go out of our way to measure the chairs before hand and have the chair covers made for the venue. After all the care you have taken to plan your special day we want to create that wow factor when you walk into the room.

There are two types of chair covers:

Polyester – These chair covers fit around the chair and come with two pleats in the skirt of the chair. They have a look of elegance in the room and look very classy round the table.

Lycra Stretch – These covers are fitted covers they tend to have pockets in the corners for the legs of the chair to go in. They give a very crisp finish to your chairs.

Whichever chair cover you go for you will need to choose a sash to compliment your colour theme. We have a whole range of colours and materials to choose from. Once you have chosen your colour you need to think how you want it to look on your chair.

Organza sashes look a little bit like netting and give that see through effect. They give a subtle colour addition especially the paler colours.

Taffeta and Satin sashes are a lot bolder as they are not see through. Taffeta sashes tend to produce a better bow as the material is a little stronger whereas the satin material is more a shiny finish and is a softer bow.

We can also provide the swagging for your top table, cake table,present table and registration tables if your having the ceremony at the venue. These colours would again coordinate with the chair sashes.

Chair Covers & Swagging Pricing:

Polyester Chair Covers & Sash £ 3.00

Spandex Chair Cover & Sash £ 2.00

Double Sash Supplement £ 1.00

Top Table Swagging £35.00

Registrar Tables: £20

Cake Table £10

Prices on this site are only a guide and depend on the total amount of the order and the distance to the venue.